Unmanned Aircraft System

Unmanned Aircraft Platform


Ground Control Station

Multiple mission payload

There are four hardpoints on the wings of U650, which can carry different types of mission payload.
  • Electronic Jamming
  • Missiles
  • Sonar
  • SAR
  • Life Raft
  • EO/IR
Model Wing Span Length Useful payload Endurance Cruise Speed Stall Speed Service Ceiling Range LOS Engine MTOW Take-off/Landing Run
U650-A1 12.4m 5.85m 200kg 15h 170km/h 83km/h 4000m 2000km 200km ROTAX 912iS Sport Land 700kg
Water 650kg
Land 250-400m
Water 300-600m
U650-A2 12.4m 5.85m 250kg 12h 180km/h 83km/h 7000m 2000km 2000km(SATCOM) ROTAX 914F Land 750kg
Water 700kg
Land 200-300m
Water 300-500m
Key features
Carbon fiber composite fuselage with the feature of waterproof, corrosion resistant, high strength and long operating life
Special design with retractable landing gear, adaptable to different take-off and landing conditions
95# or up gasoline is applicable
Variable pitch propeller
Convenient maintenance, easy to purchase vehicle spare parts with low cost
Easy assembly and disassembly
Airworthiness permission from FAA and EASA
Diversified airstrip
  • Lake/Sea
  • Road
  • Lawn


U650 can carry electro-optical pod, airborne AIS, VHF radio, synthetic aperture radar , etc. to realize real time monitor efficiently, and accomplish various tasks.

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