Freedom S100 Specification

Wing Span 12.4m
Length 5.91m
MTOW 650kg
Load Factor +4g-2g
Stall Speed 83km/h
Cruise Speed 185km/h
VNE 234km/h
Climb Rate 5m/s
Max L/D 15:1
Min Sink Rate 2m/s
Take-off/Landing Run (Land) 275m
Take-off/Landing Run (Water) 300m
Range 1000km
Key features
Easy assembly and disassembly
Variable pitch propeller
Carbon fiber composite fuselage with the feature of waterproof
Automatic flight instrumentation
Strong endurance
Diversified airstrip
  • Lake/Sea
  • Road
  • Lawn


Freedom S100 has significant advantages in training and entertainment.

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